Courses Available

Courses Available

Discover your Resilient Clown: for GP Trainees in Greenwich & Bexley

Weds 29th May 2019. 09.30 – 16.30. Greenwich & Bexley Hospice, 185 Bostall Hill, Abbey Wood, London SE2 0GB

Whole day introductory play-shop for GP trainees exploring, through playful fun, emotional self-awareness, empathic connection to others and mindful spontaneity that will be invaluable to you in your role as doctors. The antidote to burnout!!

Who Cares? Clowning for Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals:

three and a half day course in Potsdam, Germany. (Facilitation mainly in English). Thursday 25th – Saturday 27th April 2018 Starts 10:00 on first day – finishes 17:00 on last day.

Clown improvisation, which derives from theatre improvisation and the art of the court jester, has been
reported to heighten perceptual and emotional awareness, creativity and “knowledge in action”, self-acceptance and acceptance of others combined with a heightened degree of empathy and, overall, a profound and lasting sense of personal growth and development. It can sharpen the awareness of human interactions, reinforce previously learned communication skills. Empathy has been shown to enhance the doctor-patient/nurse-patient relationship and outcomes in terms of diagnostic accuracy, patient and doctor satisfaction and patient enablement. Juggling the combined pressure of patient-centred practice and management of quality initiatives and changes in health service suggest there is a substantial risk of burn-out. Factors affecting this are complex but enhancing emphatic skills can boost resilience. Clown improvisation can enhance a creative, patient-centred style of consulting and caring .

Together Dr. David Wheeler and Ms Angela Hopkins invite you to the world of Clown-light days of fun, letting go and freeing up! Go to: