Facilitators ofClown Doctor

David Wheeler

David Wheeler is a GP in Greenwich since 1988. He is a teacher of medical students at King’s College, London, a Programme Director for GP training in Greenwich, a coach for the London Coaching and Mentoring Service for healthcare professionals.
As a member of the Association of Narrative Practitioners in Healthcare, a teacher of narrative-based supervision skills. He has trained in clown improvisation with Nose to Nose since 1993 and published an article on the benefits of this work on doctors’ communication skills in the British Medical Journal in 2008. Links to this and other articles on clowning may be found here or on the Nose to Nose website: www.nosetonose.info

Laura Knobloch


Laura is a yoga teacher and an art psychotherapist. She has taught yoga, relaxation and meditation, for over 30 years, specialising in their therapeutic adaptation within healthcare and educational settings.

As a state regd. art psychotherapist she has worked with high tariff sex offenders, with children suffering bereavement, post traumatic stress disorder, emotional, behavioural &developmental difficulties. Laura also spent several years helping clients in substance misuse rehabs and palliative care patients in her local hospice (where she worked p/t as an auxiliary nurse for 6 years, prior to piloting local Reminiscence Therapy projects).