Howit Works

What happens?

We usually work in a group of about twelve, though we have managed larger groups for an introductory day. The smallest group size is six.
We start with warm-up games, vocal and physical exercises as a group and move gradually into solo, duo or trio improvisations. This helps us develop playfulness, responding from the heart and being more present in the moment. Breaking with convention, making mistakes and landing oneself in it are all welcomed as ways of creating new insights. All this happens in a supportive and safe setting.

What others say

"You are valued and encouraged in a positive way."

"The workshop was interactive, allowed spontaneity and fun. Good rate of development from easier ice-breaking exercises to actual improv once we were more comfortable"

"I Learned that less is more, having to let some thoughts go to let new ones in, being still, having no preconceived plan allows one to react directly to the situation."