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Clown Doctor
Improvisation Workshops

Clown Doctor
Improvisation Workshops

Clown Doctor
Improvisation Workshops

Welcome to Clown Doctor

Clowning is about being spontaneous, creative and having a lot of fun. Through clowning we find more mindful and empathic ways of listening and relating to one another. We rediscover our child like curiosity about the world and ourselves, and, by making and playing with mistakes, develop the resilience we need to withstand the stress and uncertainty of everyday life.

This style of improvisational theatre clowning, developed in the early 1990s by Vivian Gladwell of Nose to Nose, is distinct from circus clowning. We don’t teach tricks or stunts. It is simply about exploring through play and enjoyment our true human experience. For professionals in education, social or healthcare, this work not only enhances communication skills and compassion but is an antidote to emotional exhaustion and burn-out.

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Latest Course

Discover your resilient clown: one day course for GP trainees, Greenwich, 29/5/2019

Who Cares? Clowning for doctors and other healthcare professionals, Potsdam, 25-27/4/2019


-enjoyed being in the moment, not over-thinking things-

-it was fun laughing at yourself being silly-

-encouraged to be emotionally honest. Anything you do is OK-

-it's OK to let your guard down, be yourself, show your vulnerability-